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The Winner is...

Raven Esque.

See the winner's project description of the newest project of the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk: "Revive".

Creative Mullumbimby

Creative Mullumbimby Inc. is a volunteer community organisation with the aim to initiate and facilitate local creative endeavours. Mullumbimby town-ship, hinterland and Brunswick River valley, has a unique and vibrant quality - creativity is at the heart of this uniqueness. Creative Mullumbimby has created the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk.

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Watch the exiting development from the fund raiser campaign in Mullumbimby to the construction of the first sculpture "Enter Here" on the Mullumbimby Sculpure Walk and the opening ceremony of the Sculpure Walk. Stay tuned for the newest developments.

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Outcome of the Revive project

After several hours of careful deliberation the panel arrived at a clear decision to award the commission for REVIVE to Raven Esque of Mullumbimby.

His “Living Sculpture’ proposal most aptly addresses the project brief and utilises the existing disused barbecue base by tiling the various faces of the structure and planting local species in the well. The tiles will be handmade by him and fired in his own wood fired kiln.

Read more: Outcome of the Revive project

Revive Project Submission Extension

The Revive project submission deadline has just been extended (on popular demand) until FRIDAY 17TH FEBRUARY 6:00 pm

Please use the process as described here please don't send any files. Any questions call Vasu 0419 473 257

Mullumbimby Public Art Forum


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1. ART FORUM – Evolving Sculpture in Mullumbimby
Saturday 4 March from 9 am to 2 pm at the Byron Community College, Gordon Street Mullumbimby.
This forum is a “meet & greet” opportunity for artists, project partners, the general public & the Creative Mullum team,
Together we will:
Investigate the concept of ‘site specific’ public art;
Explain the process of creating sculptures;
Outline commissioning and judging process of the Mullum Sculpture walk
Ask questions & share ideas.
Featuring an expert panel as well as guest speakers, Sydney based Art Curator Eva Rodriguiz Riestra and local artist Joey van der Werven.

2. Public Art Appreciation Course
Monday 6 March 6 pm – 9 pm at the Byron Community College, Gordon Street Mullumbimby
What can public art add to Mullumbimby?
How can public art tell our local stories?
How will it reflect our culture?
What are the elements that influence the design of outdoor site-specific art?
Rather than “plonk art”?
These questions will be debated in this fun informal course.
Local artists & educators will present great examples of public art to stimulate discussion.

$10 admission at the door or register at:

Click here to download the flyer

Expression of Interest


Expression of Interest

To prepare design concepts for a new Public Art Work in Mullumbimby



Public Art Project

Creative Mullumbimby announces

our inaugural expression of interest process

to develop a concept for this exciting art project

Supported by: 

Arts NSW     CreativeMullumCreative Mullumbimby  Mullum Chamber of Commerce Logo



The successful introduction of a drinking water fountain near Santos has created the motivation to attempt a more ambitious public art drinking fountain project.  Meanwhile in Rotary Park, on The Terrace, council was going to demolish a barbecue including its concrete and brick base, which has a water tap nearby. Out of this initial simple notion emerged the broader idea of recycling these humble utilities to create an environmental work of art about water …






Located within the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk, Palm Park on Brunswick Terrace is a cluster of items including:

  • A disused unloved public barbecue earmarked for demolition by Byron Shire Council;
  • A water tap; and
  • A red lid wheelie bin (which will be removed as part of this process)

 And in close proximity to:

  • A streetlight
  • A large picnic table and seating; and
  • Pathway lined with native grasses, shrubs and trees alongside the Brunswick River. 

This Project has A BUDGET of AROUND $6,000; Currently holding around $4,000, with the balance will be raised through Crowd Funding campaign.

Project Brief

The tap and barbeque are unloved and neglected pieces of park furniture in Mullumbimby that are to be incorporated into a single environmentally themed work of public art that reinvents  a drinking fountain

Thematic elements to inform and inspire the brief include:

Mullumbimby's own rich history includes the building of a weir on Wilsons Creek in 1926 to provide for its own water needs.

The natural water cycle, particularly as it relates to nearby Brunswick River.

Public drinking fountains, which were once ubiquitous, have almost disappeared.

What is the alternative?  It tends to be water in single use plastic bottles.  In this form it costs roughly 30,000 times as much as water from a tap, yet it adds considerable environmental pollution and use of fossil fuel energy.

Why is the water we get from our taps is not viewed as special? Is it because it is now just a mundane utility, or do we suspect its safety? Tap water generally has to meet a higher level of chemical and biological safety standards than bottled water.

What is safe drinking water?  In the early 20th century Chlorine was added to drinking water across the world and has been regarded as a successful public health initiative, yet in recent times the combination of new filtration technology and doubts about both the taste and longer term health effects, has caste doubt on added Chlorine?

Water is essential for virtually all life to exist.  Over 70% of the molecules in our bodies are H2O.  For most of human history, water has been viewed as precious, particularly water that sprung miraculously from the ground.

"Wherever there was a spring, there was life; wherever there was life, there was a spirit"

Water has a special role, both physically and symbolically, in all religions.

"The offering of water at Buddhist shrines symbolises the aspiration to cultivate the virtues of calmness, clarity and purity with our body, speech and mind."

The provision of drinking water is regarded as a human right, UN Resolution 64/292 in 2010 is the most recent to reaffirm this, while informing us that 884million people or 1 in 6 people on the planet do not have access to safe drinking water. (

Finally, the commodification of drinking water, as happens with bottled water is at odds with the attitudes of most people across cultures throughout history, where free access to drinking water was been regarded as sacrosanct.

Good References:

Drinking Water: A History by James Saltzman

The Drinking Water Book: How to Eliminate Harmful Toxins from Your Water by Colin Ingram

Site specific elements of the brief are:

  • Reuse the barbecue base and garden tap in a surprising and inventive way.
  • Recognise that the simple brass garden tap is used for bush regeneration along the river; this purpose does not require filtered water.
  • The artwork should be "site specific" responding to its physical and cultural context.  Particular physical elements nearby are the picnic table, the overhead light, the walking & cycle path and the Landcare regeneration project along the river.


Functional elements of the brief are:

  1. The existing tap fitting can be moved or a new fitting added closer to the barbecue if it creates more functionality, a certified plumber will need to be involved.
  2. The provision of water should allow for refilling reusable water bottles, larger water containers of up to 25litres and as a drinking bubbler.
  3. There needs to be provision for incorporation of water filtering technology.
  4. The artwork can include a simple landscape plan of the area around the artwork.
  5. The artwork is to have a minimum 10 year design life, be suitable for an outdoor location, be resistant to damage from weather, exposure and vandalism.
  6. It should be easily maintained for the stipulated lifespan, and consider principles of sustainability in terms of life cycle, design, maintenance and management, choice of materials and energy use.
  7. Byron Shire Councils Public Art Policy will be used as a guide to the Process of commissioning

Expression Of Interest Requirements

  • Complete Online Project Submission Form, that includes:
    • Name and contact details, and ABN if registered;
    • A short conceptual statement interpreting the Artwork Brief
    • 1 page artists CV stating experience with similar projects
    • Provide up to 5 images of previous work
  • Present and upload concept as electronic images as part of your online submission (drawings, photos of a model, photomontage etc) Maximum of 5 images.
  • There should be no personal identification on any of the concept drawings so that concepts can be mounted without the artist being identifiable. You can include a title/or the name of your project.


  • Try to make sure electronic images are practical in size and proportion for mounting on the web. (under 2MG each)
  • If your submission is shortlisted, the artist will have the opportunity to present non electronic materials such as a model at the Artist Presentation
  • This project does not seek to exclude amateur or student artists.  If your concept is selected we would seek to pair you with a professional artist in order to for the project to be realized. If you require assistance this should be stated in the EOI submission form.

Expressions of Interest and Concept Selection

The following is the expression of interest and concept selection process and timetable.


Call for EOI submissions Wednesday 14 December 2016

Closing date EOI submissions

At which time the online submission form must be completed and a minimum of three electronic images of the concept are uploaded

Friday 17 February 2017

Assessment of EOI submissions

Our selection panel will shortlist three to five successful concepts

Friday 24 February 2017
Shortlisted concepts will be mounted on our website for public comment Shortly after
Successful and unsuccessful artists are notified 24 -28 February 2017

Artist Presentation

Shortlisted artists have opportunity to present concept to selection committee

Friday 3 March 2017
Successful shortlisted concepts are displayed at "Evolving Public Art in Mullumbimby" Forum Saturday 4 March 2017

Selection and Announcement of Successful Concept and Artist

This will depend on coordination with BSC Public Art and Assessment Panel.

During March

Technical Clarification of Concept (Optional)

The artist will be engaged by Creative Mullumbimby, depending on the concept chosen some further technical clarification of the site and equipment to be incorporated within the work may be required.  On this basis the artist may be given a small amount of money to further develop their concept.

April 2017
Crowd funding campaign April 2017
Fabrication of public art work May and June 2017
Installation of public art work To be announced
Public Unveiling To be announced


Selection Method & Criteria

Shortlisted concepts and then the final selected concept will be judged based on the selection criteria below, with concepts first being judged anonymously based on the artistic merit criteria.  The concept would then have to meet the other three categories.

  • Artistic Merit
    • Conceptual integrity
    • Originality
    • Answers the brief
    • Will be a lasting and significant public art asset within the town
  • Feasibility
    • Meets budget
    • Artist demonstrates capability
    • Practicality of fabrication and installation
    • Use of sustainable materials
  • Local Community Benefit
    • Community skills exchange
    • Financial flow back into the community
    • Public reaction and acceptance
  • Technical and Regulatory
    • Consideration of ongoing maintenance requirements
    • Comply with all relevant Australian Standards and building codes
    • Compliance with WH&S standards and public safety guidelines
    • Consider long-term maintenance requirements and costs including anti-graffiti coatings appropriate
    • Must hold public liability insurance policy, with a minimum of $20,000,000.


The project has a small starting budget of:

  • $2000, thanks to excess fund raising for the new drinking water fountain in Burringbar Street by The Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce and our community.
  • $2,000 seed funding from the Evolution of the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk project (funded by Arts NSW).
  • The balance of funds will be raised via crowd funding.


Administration of the expression of interest process, is funded in-kind as part of Evolution of the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk project.


  • If we cannot be satisfied that the budget cannot be met or we will be unable raise the funds required we reserve the right to work with an alternative short listed concept and artist.


The organisers of this expression of interest process do reserve the right to choose more then one concept for fabrication or no concepts depending on the quality of the concepts presented.

Submissions and more Information

A full brief of this project can be downloaded here:

All project submission forms and submissions are to be submitted online at

Due date 17 February 2017, 6pm

If you register from intention to submit with a contact email during the expression of interest period we can send you clarifications of the project brief that may be required before the closing date for submissions.

If you have questions please contact Jeannette Martin Ph: 04 1232 2255

or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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