Ingenuity Sculpture Festival at the Mullum Sculpture Walk


3D sculptures  By local professional artists and creatives

The Castle of Dreams  A temporary gallery room made from pallets, with
Dreams artworks by students in the community.

The People’s Sculpture Workshop   Make your own sculpture in 30 minutes with
professional artists helping you.

Guided Tours  locals will guide you through the sculptural works
discussing with you what the artists may have meant

Artist Talk  Artists themselves will sometimes be present to answer
your questions

Or simply..... Hang out in the park in the presence of art

This is our inaugural year.


Chop Logo CK 300 dpi $500  Christina Khumari Peoples’ Choice Award

As you walk along the works, please make sure to note which might be your favourite work, and then vote at the end.


The $5000 Acquisition Award

   awarded to Jason Morning for his work Germination

The People’s Sculpture Workshop

Next to the Scout hall, Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th, from 11 am till 4 pm.


Make a work of art in 30 minutes under guidance of professional artists, inspired by whatever you can find in a treasure pile of discarded materials. There will be woodworking, welding, hot-glue- gunning and all manner of other tools.

You can learn some tool skills but the focus is on creativity, to see form in objects where there was no form before. The guides will help you with that.

Bring your own inspiration! Maybe you already have an idea and even some raw materials? Bring them with you and we will help you find matching material in our pile.

We have set up workshop under a big tarp next to the Scout hall. Wear closed shoes and a mindful head on your shoulders. Wear long trousers and sleeves if you want to be welding.

Joey Ruigrok van der Werven is creator of this workshop and he is passionate about everybody having a go at making a work of Art. He has been teaching and mentoring fellow artists and amateurs alike for most of his life.

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