Ingenuity Sculpture Festival at the Mullum Sculpture Walk

Joey Ruigrok van der Werven  on the "Castle of Dreams"


InDSC 0205 partnership with Mullumbimby Sculpture Festival and the CAPA faculty at Mullumbimby High  School student’s creative subconsciousness was pooled and out was born an exhibition entitled Stranger Things.   Housed within the temporary exhibition space and an exhibit in its own right  ‘The Castle of Dreams’  the Stranger Things exhibit has rooms within rooms, worlds within worlds.  Come visit, respond and be intrigued by Year 7 Mullumbimby High students’ surreal stories presented in the form of a fascinating shadow boxes.


Shadow Boxes are an assemblage form of artwork that was made popular by Surrealist artist Joseph Cornell in the 1960’s and still have relevance today. Shadow boxes are sometimes built as a way of preserving andDSC 0179 presenting artifacts of historic or personal nostalgic value. Students used everyday ideas, objects and interests and turned them into new and strange stories.   


This exhibition has been an extensive collaboration with local artist Joey Ruigrok van der Werven and the Mullum High’s CAPA department teachers, Margaret Spiropoulos, Natalie Gran,  Leah Samios and Karen Preston. Here the overall concept was devised, then coordinated with over 120 imaginative students over 6 weeks.


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