Ingenuity Sculpture Festival at the Mullum Sculpture Walk

Curator's preview

Artworks range from the ephemeral and beautiful to the intelligently provocative.
Peter Day’s Artivist Vessel questions human impact, using scavenged ocean waste, Sarah-Jane McGrath’s obsoletia tells us that “plastic lives”, while Tim Fry’s pop art Tower calls for us to cease our love affair with fossil fuels.

Danny Gretscher’s Pink Wall abstracts a dialogue about construction over natural places and walls that divide, with minimalist slick, and Kylie Stoddard and Tiffany Sassafrass’s Shank’s Pony plays with concepts of ‘home’ in a refreshing, innovative play around a heritage object.

Layla Tan creates using the gifts of nature with a tenderness and lightness that is rare, Anaheke Metua uses her heritage of weaving to create a strong and beautiful statement about recycling the energy of found materials, and Ellen Ferrier & Bree Cribbin, combine healing traditions with art, creating an energising land art work.

Dev Lengiel raises our consciousness beyond the privileges of our lifestyles, Frank Meura mourns the great forests, while Jason Morning evokes the spirit of regeneration, Christopher Dean reveals the feminine as incubator of creation, and Jess Poulsen gently shows us how the earth reveals us to ourselves.
John Walters brings to life his soulful swamp wallabies, and Mercedes Mambort and Suvira McDonald hold space with elegant metal pieces juxtaposed with natures offerings.

Peter Neilson asks stone to sing, and Malcolm Price has a witty dig at a familiar of the Byron landscape, while Leonie Jackson reminds us water is life, and Thomas de Toni acknowledges the circle, which, in every culture is about connection and unity.

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