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Ellen Ferrier and Bree Cribbin

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"Circulate" by Ellen Ferrier and Bree Cribbin
Ellen Ferrier
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Artists using ancient healing beneath our feet
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As practicing sculptors and ceramicists with backgrounds in healing and bodywork, we are interested in exploring the intersection of these embodied arts. As derivatives of touch, connection between two entities, human or otherwise, is paramount. There is a special dialogue shared in that moment, one that requires stillness and receptivity of body and mind.
Artwork Description
Circulate invites you to detour from the usual linear, concrete footpath, to instead quietly follow the spiral trail laid before you. Still your mind, take a breath and become aware of physical sensation. Spiral inward, then outward. Feel the park around you, feel your feet, feel the space between and the space within.  Inspired by the ancient wisdom and teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) whereby 'pebble paths’ were utilised as a form of reflexology. So please, remove your shoes, tuck your thoughts inside them, and listen to your body. (Your body knows best.)
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All sales enquiries please call Suvira at 0402 125 922 or email Suvira McDonald
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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