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Luke Jaaniste

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Earth Lung

Artist Information

Bring your serenity, and something to sit on, and settle in for a rare and beautiful experience.
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Earth Lung
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Artist Creative Process
I love discovering and creating harmonies between musical sound and the living flows of our wider environment. I especially love the places where trees meet rivers and oceans, and this bend in the creek at Palm Park has such an amazing atmosphere. It feels like a natural cathedral and forest-lung. Somewhere to connect to our vast selves and vast earth. Somewhere to bring our creations and forms into contact with wider creation and form.
Artwork Description
One off special opening event performance. Nov 14th 6-7pm My sonic-spatial work invites our bodies to connect to our subtle inner vibrations and the many sounds and biorhythms within our wider surroundings. "Earth Lung" continues his love affair with trees in Mullumbimby. Luke is a trained composer, an experienced live performer, and facilitator of communal projects, and has a PhD in ambient experience. His work has been exhibited, broadcasted and featured in galleries, radio programs, festivals and events across Australia. 
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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