Ingenuity 2019 Website AllPages2The Gateway Sculpture to Mullum Sculpture Walk, 'ENTER HERE' • Artist: Suvira McDonald • Installed April 2016

Suvira McDonald

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"ENTER HERE" by Suvira McDonald
Suvira McDonald

Artist Information

Holding Space for Ingenuity Sculpture Festival
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Enter Here
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Artist Creative Process
My art practice is mostly about the use of materials. I work with clay, metals, wood and stone. I am also committed to the promotion of sculpture and sculptors especially locally and especially in a way that enhances our public places..
Artwork Description
The sculpture, constructed from recycled power poles preserved by metal & concrete footings and paint, is intended to have broad appeal, especially with respect to the bright colouring and apparent random juxtapositioning of the poles. The intention is not to produce a work of meaning, rather a whimsical invitation to enter the walk. It is inevitable that later works on the Path will represent other aspects of our history and culture. Permanent work- Part of Mullum Sculpture Walk
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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