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Jason Morning - 2018 Winner of the Aquisitional Prize

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"Germination" by Jason Morning
Jason Morning

Artist Information

Positively energising germination & the cycle of life
Artwork Title
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Lives in
Upper Main Arm
Artist Creative Process
I have been carving in both timber and stone for approximately 10 years. My work speaks of the natural environment and is inspired by such things as the germination of seeds & the unfurling of flowers & leaves. It is organic, using nature’s materials and leans toward an abstract or semi abstract feel as it is the "feeling" I am after, not a direct interpretation.
Artwork Description
I invite the viewer to contemplate the cycles of life we are all a part of & travel the same paths that unify us- seed to seedling, to full grown tree, Whether we are flora, fauna or human our ultimate journey is the same. These pieces reflect germination, growth, maturity & decline & are all carved from Australian hardwood.

Winner of the $5,000 Acquisitional Prize

Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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