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Anaheke Metua

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"Kupenga - Maori word for net" by Anaheke Metua
Anaheke Metua

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Kupenga - Maori word for net
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Artwork Description
This net was made using the palm sheath, deconstructed into individual parts and reassembled and rewoven to make whole again.    Our stories are both individual and collective.  I was born in NZ and have spent the last 30 years in Australia. I didn't grow up knowing I belonged to a tribe called Ngai Te Rangi from Aoteraoa NZ.  There were huge gaps in my knowledge of my ancestors who are NZ Maori, Cook Island Maori, English, German, Scottish and French. Weaving reconnects me to “tangata whenua”  people of the land and their beliefs, customs and cultural practices that are born of the land. I have learnt to weave my own net, to collect and remember the stories of my ancestors who have gone before me. When we share our stories they weave an invisible net to contain our collective experience of life on earth.
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