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Leonie Jackson

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"No Water, No Life" by Leonie Jackson
Leonie Jackson

Artist Information

The value of water, in context of Mullumbimby
Artwork Title
No Water, No Life
Site No
Lives in
Ocean Shores
Artist Creative Process
I have been focusing on the environmental destruction of the earth’s water. I work across disciplines - painting, installation, drawing and print making.  
This work evolved from a year-long musing over a stack of waste recycled materials sitting next to my art studio. The material was kindly donated and work on the ‘well’ began.
Artwork Description
‘No Water, No Life’ represents a dry well and all that it symbolises.  Both water troughs and wells are used not only to supply and store water, but also historically as a meeting place for community to come together and share stories.   Water plays an important part of the history of Mullumbimby. Established in the 1850’s at the junction of two arms of the Brunswick River, loggers floated their trees down river to Brunswick Heads.  In 1925 a hydro-electric power station powered by nearby Wilsons Creek, allowed Mullumbimby to become one of the first country towns in NSW to receive electricity. The work will be recycled after the exhibition.
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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