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Sarah-Jane McGrath

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"obsoletia, 2018" by Sarah-Jane McGrath
Sarah-Jane McGrath

Artist Information

Future fossil index: plastic lives
Artwork Title
obsoletia, 2018
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Artist Creative Process
I am a multi-disciplined artist, working with discarded materials and the subjective nature of waste to discuss decolonisation.
Now is the time of ‘obsoletia’, when we begin to create a global ‘future fossil index’.
In the ‘obsoletiacene’, the layers of human waste begin to dominate the earths surfaces.
Where does your waste go?
Artwork Description
Recycled stainless steel cable, plastic nets, hessian bags. 'obsoletia' is human waste. Times pass People die Plastic lives The 'obsoletiacene' is here.
Sale Price
All sales enquiries please call Suvira at 0402 125 922 or email Suvira McDonald
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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