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Malcolm Price

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"Potholes a Window to the Soul" by Malcolm Price
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A witty dig at certain Byron landmarks
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Potholes a Window to the Soul
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I am a designer and community development person, and in that sense I am a largescale collaborative installation artist, working with the community’s hopes and needs. In this Shire nature still holds a strong hand and tossles and plays with our landscape ‘improvements’.
Byron roads…an everchanging pot hole scape !
Artwork Description
Temporary installation. An assemblage of framed photos of potholes, using raw photographic images of potholes at real size, arranged to form abstracted human features. The pictures are mounted in various found object frames procured from local Op Shops and the Byron Shire Dump Shop and will be returned to these after the festival. "Potholes Are a Window to the Soul"  Eyeistacrazbastarticus a soothsayer and friend of Cicero stated that "their appears to be both healing and prophetic qualities to holes that naturally grow and appear in the streets of Rome".  Two thousand years later in the 1980's, the appearance and growth of potholes became the subject of an obscure branch of Chaos mathematics, "they are a perfect representation of behaviour of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions".  This research was picked up and extended into fields of economics and physics in the early 2000's.  Renowned physicist Nigel Degrasse Tyson measured minute quantities of Hawking radiation emerging from potholes; this work was extrapolated in two interesting directions.  Degrasse Tyson himself theorised with Hawking radiation present, there may be the ability to see through them deeply into both time and space, not unlike wormholes, thus giving credence to Eyeistacrazbastarticus unproven ideas.  The World Health Organisation also confirmed the link within an Epidemiological study of low levels of cancer particularly brain cancer in areas with high numbers of naturally forming potholes.  One theory is that Hawking radiation, because of Brownian motion is very effective at cancelling out microwave radiation, used in telecommunications. Another study by Milman Friedman within the Economics department of the University of Chicago suggests a causal cancelling effect of classic neo-liberal economic theories and practice where there is a high prevalence of potholes.  We are awaiting new research where there is a qualitative analysis of pothole formation to see whether round or unround holes cause a greater disruption to neo-liberalism.  This work of art seeks to build on this research although it is more existential and goes right back to Eyeistacrazbastarticus.  Pictures of potholes have been randomly scattered and continually form almost miraculously in anthropomorphic patterns.  Individual pictures are like mesmeric mandalas that when looked at deeply reveal deep and prophetic insight.
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All sales enquiries please call Suvira at 0402 125 922 or email Suvira McDonald
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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