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Kylie Stoddart & Tiffany Sassafrass

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"Shanks' Pony Rest Stop" by Kylie Stoddart & Tiffany Sassafrass
Kylie Stoddart & Tiffany Sassafrass

Artist Information

Artwork Title
Shanks' Pony Rest Stop
Lives in
Mullumbimby & Rosebank
Artwork Description
We are paying homage to the historical horse trough in Palm Park. The trough, partly filled with water, was a travellers most valued free item when resting in town (water has been supplied from the artists home bore). Floating ephemeral works, suggest links between the water and those revived by it from this trough, over time. A 'clothesline' strung between the adjacent trees, suggests a temporary camp here in Palm Park. This work is about temporary occupation, and the important part water plays in providing a sense of ‘home’.
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