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Raven Esque

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"The Living Sculpture" by Raven Esque
Raven Esque
"The Living Sculpture" Detail 1
"The Living Sculpture" Detail 2

Artist Information

Awakened to the potentials of using Earth's clay & minerals for art
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The Living Sculpture
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Artist Creative Process
Raven was awakened to the potentials of using earths clay and minerals for art making at the National art school. This awakening tapped into his fascination with the ecology of the planet and it’s complex social and environmental systems. His work explores humankind's relationships with each other and the natural surroundings.
Artwork Description
Water is life. Clean water relies on maintaining healthy relationships with the ecologies it passes through, and that they be to be given primary importance. We aim to transform the existing barbecue area into a living sculpture with the use of handmade wood fired tiles, covering the surface of the existing barbecue. The rusted hotplates of the existing barbecue will be removed with endemic plants placed into the newly formed vessel. As part of this sculpture the landscape design reflects the surrounding environment being the adjacent revegetated riparian zone. The inspiration underpinning the living sculpture comes from the movement of water around the hand as it is passes though water. A fundamental human experience that can only exist if the waters are safe for human contact.
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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