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Peter Day

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"Vessel" by Peter Day
Peter Day

Artist Information

‘Artivist’ questioning human impact on our oceans
Artwork Title
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Lives in
Byron Bay
Artist Creative Process
Over the last ten years I have focused on ARTIVISM: environmental art, facilitating workshops and sculpture actions, informing viewers of the human impact on our environment and the loss of habitats.

The collecting/foraging of the materials is an integral part of my artistic process. The found objects convey the narrative, and contain spirit of land, sea and country, often instigating pivotal artistic directions.
Artwork Description
A whimsical notion of sea spirits gleaning plastics from their watery world to restore ecological balance. A canoe like vessel has been crafted from marine washed ropes and nets, includes a drift net, littered with plastic jetsam: The dark reality of our polluted oceans.
Sale Price
All sales enquiries please call Suvira at 0402 125 922 or email Suvira McDonald
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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