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Alex Moss

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Alex Moss
Alex Moss

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Alex Moss explores the relationship between interactive sound and light technology, physical form, and audience perception through participatory art installations. “I take inspiration from the patterns I see in natural and urbane environments, as well as the creative possibilities modern technology opens up”. Alex’s work has been exhibited at a number of events including the Lismore Lantern Parade, Flickerfest, Dark Science Festival, Ocean Shores Art Expo and SAE Open days. “I hope to create engaging, magical experiences that encourage audiences to play and question their perception of the environment”.
Artwork Description
“Connected” explores the concept of interconnectivity through an interactive site-specific installation consisting of sculpture and interactive sound and light. The project will include a physical rope sculpture resembling a spider's web. This will be augmented with interactive sound and light. The “web” will be suspended between two trees on the river bank (see images). Light will be projected on to the web with accompanying sound that will be “triggered” from an iPad interface that the public can interact with. An additional 2 x projectors will be installed on the river bank aimed at the water to create a liquid rippling backdrop for the web. The audience will experience a sense of connection with the installation and place through the interactive interface. Vivid light animations and colorful sound design will produce a sense of wonder and appreciation of the senses. Audiences could interpret or relate the theme “Connected” in a number of ways. The installation will be visible during the day but it will be activated after the sun goes down. The “web” will be made out or white and black rope and will be around 4 x 4 m. A dome shelter will be set up about 6m away from the web that will house the interactive interface and the technical equipment. The dome will be transformed into a creative and inviting space through lighting and other decoration. We will also create a sort of viewing area consisting of beanbags and retro lamps. We aim to create a magical and welcoming space for audiences to enjoy, interact and connect with the sculpture. We will build the web off sight and hang it during the event. All technical equipment will be supplied by us and would need to be transported in and out on the day/s of the festival.
Sale Price
All sales enquiries please call Suvira at 0402 125 922 or email Suvira McDonald
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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