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Antone Bruinsma

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Antone Bruinsma

Artist Information

Artwork Title
The Immaculate Concept of the Mind
Lives in
Cedar Creek, QLD
Artwork Description
his sculpture explores the philosophy of the masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) principles as a creative force. It highlights the importance of a balanced mind and attitude (towards life). The yang energy is symbolised by strong angularity (created by a computerised wire-saw) while the yin energy is represented by soft organic forms. The public will see a large meditating head (emerging from the earth)with a fertilised egg where the third eye is located. This intriguing and narrative artwork acknowledges and pays homage to earth and spirit energies and the power of the mind where they meet. People are naturally drawn to touch the smooth surface of the egg, thereby, on a subconscious level, triggering their own creative potential. The public will also be curious by the strong contrast of the forms and recognise the respect for Nature which this piece embodies.
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