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Ben Hellewell

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Ben Hellewell
ben hellewell

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Seeing through transformation
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Seeing through transformation. The humpback whale is a creature of massive scale, a creature of depth, a creature of play, of travel, of elegance and strength. The concept for me was to open, to channel the congestion of confusion and grief through my imagination whilst walking kilometres along a beautifully baron beach, listening to the subtlest of songs whipping through the wind as the whales migrated south. To haul heavy treasured timbers for kilometres up the coast and through the dunes by foot, so’s to fulfill an urge to open a new chapter. To purely create what the unseen power was pushing through me. As a gold prospector must light up when he strikes a nugget, I too light up as I find these pieces that have been waiting for something new. A transformation proportionate to my own. To see ourselves and others with eyes for who and what we can become above who and what we have already been. Seeing this way, through transformation, is essential for the individual to continue shifting themselves into the new gift and eternal moment of now. The sculpture will engage the attuned audience with a captivating stillness that will likely provoke insight into this truth. For others it will provide a visual insight into the connection between timber, the ocean and the creative imagination. The whale itself is approximately 1.5m long x 50cm tall x 1m wide and about 50kgs. I will have it on a rustic stand approximately 1m high. Made from a selection of Australian driftwood.
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