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Bryan Jeffs

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Bryan Jeffs

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Work. Rest. Play.
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Artwork Description
The sculpture 'Work. Rest. Play.' is built using finished native hardwood timber and protected mirror glass. Resembling a piece of 1960's Van Treight furniture the sculpture is designed to solicit engagement from the audience by exploring its spacial and structural prompts. The title 'Work. Rest. Play.' is a motif that honours and mimicks a shared experience of the 'Byron Shire'. A beckoning to the SELF to confront accept and design a dynamic way of living. Placing the bed into the public domain is a reflection on how my security, rest and health is an exposed process inculcated by life in the ‘Byron Shire’. The Sculpture resembles a fusion of furniture and play equipment which like the 'Byron Shire' support and entice elasticity between the boundaries of personal and communal responsibility, public and private ownership as well as the beauty power and vulnerability conjured by an apparatus engaging physical exploration and idiocentric performance. These themes have confronted my values and sense of self through the ‘musical chairs’ enacted via housing, employment and relational transitions. Dimensions 1700 x 2000 x 1200 Material Hardwood Timber (Vic Ash), Steel fixings, Perspex, Temporary footings.
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