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Christopher Dean

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Artist Information

Artwork Title
Kundalini Rising
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Lives in
Byron Bay
Artist Creative Process
A lifelong passion for art, lead to Fine Art studies at Sydney University. Art Poster screen printing in the Tin Sheds, at Sydney Uni, then Years of sponsorship led to Christopher founding the East Coast Sculpture show over 12 years in Ballina. Interest in all the visual arts led to a decade of study in life drawing, then clay figure sculpting and now marble sculpting working under a master, Usama Alnassar, from Carrara, Italy. My passion is to celebrate the feminine, starting with representation, but revealing the underlying influence of the male spark incubated within the feminine womb that marks all of creativity.
Artwork Description
The energy of life rises in the form of a double helix as in DNA. I see the male and female energy in all beings swirling similarly into a helix as it rises to union to create us as a whole being. I chose the finest Carrara marblke to express this energy in tangible form. The two elements are similar but not identical but together they make a whole spirit force. The marble is heavy and lasts many lifetimes. It is set on a pre-carved Indian 'lotus bowl' base that brings in the spirit of the east into this modern interpretation. Our spirit rises from the first chakra into a union of light and bliss at the 7th chakra. Kundalini Rising Carrara Marble hand carved Indian marble lotus bowl base 55 cm high 40 cm wide 50 KG
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All sales enquiries please call Suvira at 0402 125 922 or email Suvira McDonald
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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