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Christopher Dean

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Artist Information

Artwork Title
Kundalini Rising
Lives in
Byron Bay
Artwork Description
The energy of life rises in the form of a double helix as in DNA. I see the male and female energy in all beings swirling similarly into a helix as it rises to union to create us as a whole being. I chose the finest Carrara marblke to express this energy in tangible form. The two elements are similar but not identical but together they make a whole spirit force. The marble is heavy and lasts many lifetimes. It is set on a pre-carved Indian 'lotus bowl' base that brings in the spirit of the east into this modern interpretation. Our spirit rises from the first chakra into a union of light and bliss at the 7th chakra. Kundalini Rising Carrara Marble hand carved Indian marble lotus bowl base 55 cm high 40 cm wide 50 KG
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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