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Estar Constable

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Estar Constable
Estar Constable

Artist Information

Artwork Title
The Birth of the Butterflies
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Artist Creative Process
I am at the beginning of my high school career. Last year i was able to create ceramic roses that were part of the school exhibit. This year i am challenging myself to take the next step in my journey.I enjoy creating and this will be my first big artistic creation.
Artwork Description
My sculpture is a mob of butterflies, all different shapes and sizes, in flight. The viewer will experience a dramatic scene inspired by a dream time story called The Birth of the Butterflies. In this scene the caterpillars have just returned from the sky where they would camp for the winter and return in the spring. During the winter the Spirits gave the caterpillars a new shape and become a very different and very beautiful creature.
Sale Price
All sales enquiries please call Suvira at 0402 125 922 or email Suvira McDonald
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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