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PAN - Professional Artists Network
PAN - Professional Artists Network

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Colourful Cages
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PAN is an (approx 20 year) locally based artists’ network committed to the visual arts in the Northern Rivers and provides an opportunity for artists to hold group exhibitions, participate in social events such as Life Drawing and Plein Air activities. PAN also provides a forum for support and networking between artists. As a non-profit incorporated association, PAN is able to offer support services to local artists, particularly with regards to exhibitions and promotion of an artist’s arts practice. PAN has been holding group exhibitions in various venues in the Northern Rivers for the entire time of its operation. We are proficient in organizing, curating and hanging a variety of themed exhibitions. This is our first venture as a group for a collaborative installation in which all members can participate if they wish.
Artwork Description
Colourful Cages is a collaborative community based artists installation using bird cages as the connecting theme for all the participating artists. In recent years cages have slowly moved from being a habitat for some poor bird destined to have a life of misery, into a decorative statement placed strategically within the home. With Colourful Cages we are releasing the cages into nature instead of the bird. The concept arose from trying to find something that all members of our group were capable of doing regardless of their skill set in working in three dimensions, something that at the same time would give them the freedom to express their ideas while still being held together as a coherent unit with the common theme. The dimensions of the installation will vary depend on the number of cage entries we receive, which at this time we are expecting between 15-20. We envisage suspending the cages from a tree/trees at different heights depending on the need for the viewer to see what the individual cage contains. A broad range of materials and media have been utilized by the artists, including found objects, recycled, repurposed objects, fiber, yarn, through to mosaic and ceramic works. The installation and media, reflects the creative diversity of the artists within PAN artists’ network.
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All sales enquiries please call Suvira at 0402 125 922 or email Suvira McDonald
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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