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Philip Darnton

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Philip Darnton
Philip Darnton

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The work is concerned with creating and exploring space and how that space can then be altered and affected. it is grounded in mathematics, influenced by the mathematical models by Arthur Moritz Schoenflies. The piece plays around with our perception and creates optical illusions within double and triple reflections. Fragmentation of the infinity mirror. It reflects people and the environment around them. Open - This piece welcomes anyone and everyone to interact. Fostering creativity through inspiring photography. Honest – a mirror cannot lie, a true reflection of its surroundings but still able to bend the truth and make us look at things in a completely different way. Respectful to its environment, leaving nothing but reflections. Though this is not specifically a site-specific artwork, it does react differently installed within certain environments. Always complimentary to the natural beauty of its surroundings, blending in with harmony. I think it would react really well within the space, a gentle, formal structure that is decorated by the natural beauty of the environment. Weight: 100KG (estimated) Measurements: 2200mm x 1100mm x 400mm (Each Main piece) 900mm x 700mm x 400mm (Each Support Piece) Materials: Structural Plywood interior support frame Acrylic Mirror 2440 x 1220.
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