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Rebekah Seriah Webster

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Rebekah Seriah Webster
Rebekah Seriah Webster

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Blue Knob
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¨Perspective¨ visual and physical mapping - the maker the environment the experience the language the tableau. The hand carved and tool formed surface of the individual yet grouped panels gives "Perspective " a very real and weighted stance. The physical surface is carved, ground ,painted, scored, belted and sanded to reveal the inner growth ring markers and secondary yet real aging of the reclaimed Pencil Cedar. The strong geometric carving catches sunlight in shadow and plays with silhouette. The sculpture weighs in total including the stands approximately 100 kgs A closer inspection reveals time faded timbers, and resins pulled to the surface, subtle colours play on the eye hinting at depth of hidden information. ¨Perspective¨ is the vehicle with which the artist attempts to share and explore their lived experience of country with a rudimentary form of physical mind mapping . Perhaps a made up language to describe place and perspective. A made up language which beckons questioning of place. ¨Perspective¨ attempts to share a language and coordinates with which the artist personally catalogues a history of terrain, emotion, and experience. To map experience , immortalise directions and catalogue questions for further investigation. This tableau used to precise, remind and store coordinates to further navigate the artists understanding of environment. The artist attempts to quantify and document their experiences of the environment by using their own language of contour, shape and colour.Then they attempt to share it with the viewer. Do we need to describe our country using economic rationalities ,politics and what it can do for us attitude? Or can we yield to a kinder more sympathetic more human approach.
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