Ingenuity Sculpture Festival at the Mullum Sculpture Walk

Danny Gretscher

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Danny Gretscher
"Pink Wall" by Danny Gretscher

Artist Information

What I see: Berlin artist in Mullumbimby
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Pink Wall
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Artist Creative Process
I am here as a visiting artist (from Berlin), so everything here is alerting my senses in a different, upside down sort of way, and that is exciting.
I don’t overthink when I start something. I just see where it goes. I explore with intuition and feeling, sensing out the deeper layers of the seen and unseen. I connect with a site, a material, an idea, and then, it connects with me during the moment of creating. At times I am visited by impulses from the depth of the universe.
Artwork Description
I come from a place of walls, an urban environment. I lived one side of the Berlin wall, and then the other side. Walls are physical and metaphysical. Many questions are opened by a wall.
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