Ingenuity Sculpture Festival at the Mullum Sculpture Walk

Suvira McDonald

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Suvira McDonald
"Yellow Glyphe" by Suvira McDonald

Artist Information

River references: fishing nets in delicate steel forms.
Artwork Title
Yellow Glyphe
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Artist Creative Process
My art practice is mostly about the use of materials. I work with clay, metals, wood and stone. I am also committed to the promotion of sculpture and sculptors especially locally and especially in a way that enhances our public places.
Artwork Description
Produced from old farm steel and a bridge timber, this work was manipulated and welded to produce a calligraphy-like character. It is whimsical and devoid of meaning except to say that old steel can live on and become meaningful pieces of sculpture. Paint conquers rust - at least for a while.
Sale Price
All sales enquiries please call Suvira at 0402 125 922 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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