Ingenuity Sculpture Festival at the Mullum Sculpture Walk

Layla Tan

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Layla Tan
"We Are Always Here" by Layla Tan

Artist Information

Creating with the gifts of nature with gentle touch
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We Are Always Here
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Artist Creative Process
My contemporary style of weaving brings awareness to country, community, and the value of women’s creative power. My work is always place based. I love working On Country with the natural materials that surround me.

Whenever I weave it is out of respect for all that has come before me... My mentors, my teachers, my ancestors.
Artwork Description
It's an ephemeral floating  sculpture, woven out of plants relative to the site. Fibres are still in a state of flux – drying, shrinking, stretching, changing– reflecting the values of this place. We Are Always Here is based on the concept that people often walk through country/life without consciously acknowledging that which surrounds them. It draws attention to what surrounds us, to what has been here before us.
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