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Ingenuity - Community Sculpture Fest

Ingenuity - Community Sculpture Fest

A community sculpture event to be held
concurrently with Mullum Music Fest
November 15-18, 2018

In order to encourage art in the public domain Creative Mullum is presenting INGENUITY - a festival of three dimensional art. By drawing on rich veins of creativity of this community, INGENUITY will heighten awareness that creativity exists as an inherent force in the community. The Mullum Music Festival goers, residents and other visitors will be in re-created environs for the duration.



Community members and groups with artistic leanings are invited to express interest in showing sculpture at the Mullum Sculpture Fest (MSF) to be held in November on the site of the Mullum Sculpture Walk (MSW), Palm Park and Brunswick Terrace, Mullumbimby.


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Spirit of Chincogan

Spirit of Chincogan

Project Brief

AS project partner Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce (MCC) will support exploration of histories and mythical interpretations of Mullumbimby’s landmark formation, Chincogan, through a public art project. The project will produce a permanent work of art informed by artists interpretation and located on a designated site (site 11 or 12) on the MSW.

In keeping with the Creative Mullumbimby philosophical underpinning of site specificity or genius loci*, the successful applicant will have included a consideration of the site and the sculpture's relevance to place in the proposal.

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Submission Instructions

Currently there are submissions for Ingenuity and Spirit of Chincogan available.

Please read how to submit your application.

  • We recommend to print the instructions before starting the process.
  • On the right site you will see the "Login" box
  • Please click on "Create an account"

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The Winner is...

Raven Esque.

See the winner's project description of the newest project of the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk: "Revive".

Creative Mullumbimby

Creative Mullumbimby Inc. is a volunteer community organisation with the aim to initiate and facilitate local creative endeavours. Mullumbimby town-ship, hinterland and Brunswick River valley, has a unique and vibrant quality - creativity is at the heart of this uniqueness. Creative Mullumbimby has created the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk.

Watch our Videos

Watch our videos on the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk Youtube Channel.

Watch the exiting development from the fund raiser campaign in Mullumbimby to the construction of the first sculpture "Enter Here" on the Mullumbimby Sculpure Walk and the opening ceremony of the Sculpure Walk. Stay tuned for the newest developments.

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Outcome of the Revive project

After several hours of careful deliberation the panel arrived at a clear decision to award the commission for REVIVE to Raven Esque of Mullumbimby.

His “Living Sculpture’ proposal most aptly addresses the project brief and utilises the existing disused barbecue base by tiling the various faces of the structure and planting local species in the well. The tiles will be handmade by him and fired in his own wood fired kiln.

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Mullumbimby Public Art Forum


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1. ART FORUM – Evolving Sculpture in Mullumbimby
Saturday 4 March from 9 am to 2 pm at the Byron Community College, Gordon Street Mullumbimby.
This forum is a “meet & greet” opportunity for artists, project partners, the general public & the Creative Mullum team,
Together we will:
Investigate the concept of ‘site specific’ public art;
Explain the process of creating sculptures;
Outline commissioning and judging process of the Mullum Sculpture walk
Ask questions & share ideas.
Featuring an expert panel as well as guest speakers, Sydney based Art Curator Eva Rodriguiz Riestra and local artist Joey van der Werven.

2. Public Art Appreciation Course
Monday 6 March 6 pm – 9 pm at the Byron Community College, Gordon Street Mullumbimby
What can public art add to Mullumbimby?
How can public art tell our local stories?
How will it reflect our culture?
What are the elements that influence the design of outdoor site-specific art?
Rather than “plonk art”?
These questions will be debated in this fun informal course.
Local artists & educators will present great examples of public art to stimulate discussion.

$10 admission at the door or register at:

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Detailed program of the Opening Event

Program of the Opening of the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk

April 30th from 10am onwards

10:00 Nyck Jeanes (BayFM) introduction of groups and activities

- Pick up stick competition by Chamber of Commerce

- Introductory walks on the future Sculpture Walk

- Boy Scouts Rope Bridge construction

10:30 Song Dynasty Kid's Choir
10:45 Jenny Cargill-Strong tells a story
11:00 Nyck Jeanes introduces Welcome to Country
11:05 Welcome to Country with Delta Kay
11:10 Speech: Obi McDonald-Saint (Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce)
11:15 Speech: Suvira McDonald (Artist of the ENTER HERE sculpture)
11:30 Mayor Simon Richardson opens the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk


Catering by the Boy Scouts, Santos Organics and The Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce.

Suvira McDonald


Announcing official opening

The ENTER HERE small sculpture, which forms the gateway to the walk, is now constructed after months of preparation and painting of poles. At the same time as this construction marks the end of a 3 year process of administration and design, it also marks the beginning of the next stages of the MULLUMBIMBY SCULPTURE WALK. Information about the next stage is forthcoming.

To mark this the official opening will be held on site on April 30th between 10 and 11:30 am. The community is invited to attend.

Presiding is BayFM presenter Nyck Jeanes, Welcome to Country from Delta Kay and with Major Simon Richardson officially opening. The Boy Scouts, Santos Organics, The Mullumbimby Chamber of Commerce will all be catering the event. Final program will be announced soon.

Detail of pattern painting

Poles in Production

With the administrative phase of the project mostly behind us, the production of ENTER HERE small is now well under way.

We are immensly grateful to LUIS CRISTIA for complex and detailed architectural drawings, PHIL WALLACE for valued engineering specifications and MALCOLM PRICE for navigating a formidable bureaucracy.

Late 2015 saw a visit to the BORAL stockpile site in Grafton resulting in a delivery of 17 poles to us in January.

Since then, on site at DAVID PIESSE'S property outside Mullumbimby, we have been at work preparing the poles.

They have been pressure cleaned, sanded and undercoated by our volunteer crew, outstanding members of which are LEO MCDONALD and ALAN BASEDOW, and now await the final colour coats.

We anticipate a swelling of the volunteer ranks at this crucial fun stage. Thanks to DULUX and MITRE 10 for the generous support of supplying and mixing the paint. There are 42 colours in the the design in which LISSA MALONEY provided critical design consultation.

TheEntranceBannerEarly Artist Impression of ENTER HERE

In the following weeks, as the whole project culminates, we will be turning the sculpture site on the corner of Burringbar Street and River Terrace, into a construction zone facilitated by AUSTRALIAN SAFETY FENCES.

Local concreter WAYNE WHELAN will be setting the concrete footings and MULLUMBIMBY ENGINEERING will be assuming control of the installation. During that time, for aproximately 2 weeks, the path and cycle way will be diverted to allow proper curing of the concrete.

IT support and photo / video documentation by TEKWIZARD.

Update October 2015

SuviraSuvira McDonaldAs a supporter you will be happy to know the project is making its way, in its own time through the labyrinthine process to materialisation. Thank you for your support, and I again would like to acknowledge the high level of financial support received from the Mullum businesses and the community. Special thanks go to Santos Organics and Leela Plantations for their most generous backing.

This project has been eight years in the making since its inception. It took two years to navigate the Development Application process in council, who, at the same time, waived the fees involved and then funded the project to the tune of $5000.

With our approval came four pages of consent conditions and which is another word for stumbling blocks. Between then and now we ran the fundraising campaign and have achieved a level of funding adequate to meet the needs of producing the first sculpture, Enter Here. For this we have had the help of local designer and technician, Luis Cristia, who has marvellously represented the sculpture in architectural drawings. These designs will form the basis of the engineering certification produced by distinguished local engineer, Phil Wallace, who currently has the plans. With Phil’s endorsement the plans will head on to Council to make our application for Construction Certificate. A small example of these drawings is included here.

The program then entails actually producing the painted poles and installing them on site, a task to be undertaken by Mullumbimby Engineering. We at Creative Mullumbimby trust your patience will endure through this somewhat arduous administrative phase of the execution.

IMG 4088The team at Creative Mullumbimby

The sculpture project is being carried by a team at Creative Mullum Inc., initiated by Suvira McDonald, administrative stage being carried by Malcolm Price, IT support from Ullrich Wallrodt and admin back up form Susan Fell-McLean. The Crowd funding campaign was a collective effort resulting in the additional $10K grant from Australian Cultural Fund through Creative Partnerships Australia, this has made a huge difference to our position of course and enabled us to proceed with confidence.

Once again your support is immensely appreciated. I will advise more detail about the actual production process in due course when we have a Construction Certificate. If there is more detail about the project you would like to know please reply to this email and I will get back to you.


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Updates after the Fund Raising

As the fundraising dust settles, we find ourselves in the limbo of having acquired the funds to get started and actually getting started on making the first sculpture. I must say the feeling of having project funding in place is inspiring and a big thanks again to all our supporters.

The first work is a monumental construction of power poles which will form entry portal to the sculpture walk, suitably named 'Enter Here'. I am currently seeking a construction site, ideally in full public view, that all may see the progress. Several possibities are in the air: but it is yet be resolved.

Another thing is the poles themselves which is also in progress as we negotiate with a possible new project supporter. Until this part of the scheme actually gels I cannot say who this is, however I am very keen to do this soon.

The third matter is volunteer power, a vital ingredient for the project because there is much preparation and painting of poles to be done before we install them. We would like to hear from anyone who is interested in working on the project.

I hope to have something to report in the next week or so that will get things moving.

Watch this space...

Thanks to all our supporters!

Screen Shot 2015 05 28 at 5.42.04 am

Screen Shot 2015 05 28 at 5.42.24 am

Screen Shot 2015 05 28 at 5.42.55 am

Our first Newsletter is out!

In a late to early morning effort our team has sent out our first newsletter - and guess what - this morning we have an increase from 1% to now 4% of our $10,000 goal. So before you spend your money over the Easter holidays just click on DONATE NOW and contribute.

The Countdown is on!

The clock is ticking and we are working hard behind the scenes towards midnight the 1st of April when our Crowd Funding Campaign is about to start. Our Youtube clips are being edited at the moment, the website gets it's latest updates and promotional material is designed and will be printed soon. If you feel like you would be able to support our 8 weeks campaign in one way or the other by organising and promoting a few hours per week then please go to our Contact form on our website and drop us a line.

Fund Raiser

to all our supporters -
we made it!


Click here for a list of all donors of our Dollar for Dollar fund raising campaign.

Work on
Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk
is about to begin.
Standing at the entrance
will be 

 A large and colourful construction of repurposed power poles straddling the cycle path
for pedestrians and cyclists to pass through.
Designed especially for that site of confluent pathways by local sculptor Suvira McDonald,  ENTER HERE, which is located near Byron Community College, Post Office, Scout Hall and bus stop forms a nexus of regular daily traffic. ENTER HERE will be the first of the collection of site specific works from Northern Rivers artists produced for the Sculpture Walk’s various sites.
The Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk is the beginning of a major cultural statement for Mullumbimby. Public Sculpture will become an expression of the town's identity in years to come as plans for the Sculpture Walk develop and unfold. Mullumbimby is renowned for its creative culture and the Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk will be a showcase of public art from artists of the region.

An attraction for locals and visitors, the Mullumbimby Sculpture walk will have a positive impact on the local economy.

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