Ingenuity Maquette 2021 Header All Final'Prayerwheel' • Artist: Chris Kinzel • Ingenuity Festival 2019

Artists and Creative community members from the NSW Northern Rivers
are encouraged to apply

Submissions can be made on-line until May 15th 2021 (11:59pm).

Please read the 2018 Application Process & Criteria before submitting.
(Terms & Conditions will open in a new window. You can return to this page by closing the new window after reading)


To submit a maquette concept please follow the instructions below

Ingenuity Maquette 2021 Submission Fee

A non-refundable submission fee of A$ 20.— is required for a sculpture submission for the 2021 Ingenuity Maquette Exhibition.

Price: $20.00

There are 2 basic steps to submit a maquette concept

  1. Pay your "Ingenuity Maquette 2021 Submission Fee" using the above form. A non-refundable submission fee of AU$ 20.— is required.
        1. If you already made an earlier submission on this website, then fill in your username and password and click the "Login" button on that form.
          If you have forgotten your username from an earlier submission then you can retrieve your login with the Forgot your username? and Forgot your password? links on that form.
          After password reset return to this page and sign up again using the Submission fee box on top of this page with your restored credentials.
          Fill in your credit card details and post code and then click "PROCESS SUBSCRIPTION". You will be redirected to a page from where you can go directly to the submission form.
        2. New users please fill in all the required fields on that form. The username can be anything (except if you are getting a message that the username has been already taken), but it can also be the same as your email address. If you choose that, then filling in the "email address" field is still required.
        3. Fill in your credit card details and post code and then click "PROCESS SUBSCRIPTION"
        4. You will receive an email to verify your email address and your username and password. Without verifying your email address this way any submission can not go forward. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER IF YOU DON'T FIND IT IN YOUR INBOX.
        5. After email verification is completed you can return to this page. You will need to login and will then be redirected to the Submission Form. (Login box is at the bottom of this page, if you are already logged in just follow the displayed link to the submission form).
  2. To submit a sculpture proposal (after you have paid the submission fee and created a user account)
        1. With your existing or new login details go to the "User Menu" top right (only visible after login) and choose "Enter 2021 Ingenuity Maquette Submissions"
        2. Fill out the required fields (the one with a*). If you miss one of the required fields you can fill in the missing information without loosing previous content. Try to fill out the form within a few hours (like not leave it open on your computer overnight).
        3. Please don't use the artist's name as part of the Sculpture Title
        4. Strongly Recommended: Please copy and save each answer in a separate document in case the website shuts down. Some people copy and paste all questions in a separate document, work on their proposal in that and then copy and paste all of that answers in one on-line session.
        5. Your images and plans can be uploaded in the last step after you have pressed "Submit"
        6. Upload a maximum of 5 images in jpg format, prepare the images so that they not exceed 10MB altogether, preferably size them to a maximum of 1000x1000 pixels or. You can use programs like Photos, iPhoto or Aperture (Apple), Photoshop (Adobe) or Picasa (Google) for resizing.

If you have submitted a proposal but want to change or finish it, or add more images, then go to "My Listings" in the User Menu. Changes are possible until May 15th 2021 (11:59pm).

If you have problems with your submission please contact Vasu at 0419 473 257

Any artist related questions please mail


As a returning new user please login below

If you can't login with a new account then please check your email (including SPAM/JUNK folders) and click the activation link in the email. Make sure you got an email with the receipt of your submission fee payment


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