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Ellen Ferrier

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"73 Palms" by Ellen Ferrier
Ellen Ferrier

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A tribute to the history of Palm Park
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73 Palms
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Artist Creative Process
Of the many arts and crafts I have explored throughout my life, there seems to exist a primal familiarity and deep resonance with weaving, inherent amongst women and children in particular. There is a softness to this craft, a humble artistry. As we gather in circle, we weave a safe and sacred container, just as our ancestors did before us. The passing down of acquired knowledge and wisdom becomes an embodied experience, our hands moving with simple repetition as we listen and learn the ways of lore
Artwork Description
interactive installation 73 Palms highlights the recent history of 'Palm Park' – it’s rejuvenation from a disused paddock to a riverside sanctuary, thanks to a group of local palm enthusiasts who planted 73 varieties in this area by 1986. This installation invites visitors to participate in the creation of 73 woven coils, using dried palm fronds foraged from the local area. As each coil is completed they will be suspended one below the other, until all 73 hang in succession - the final sculpture depicting the trunk of a palm tree, alluding to a small fragment of local history. On Site Workshops: Open to the public. These sessions will be held like a weaving circle - informal and casual, with people able to come and go as they wish, and with the opportunity for guidance from the artist. Times: 10am- 1pm on Thurs & Sat
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All sales enquiries please call Suvira at 0402 125 922 or email Suvira McDonald
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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