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Bryan Jeffs

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Bryan Jeffs

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A ceremony of life :The organism that is our bioregion is our flesh and mother
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Terra Doula
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Artist Creative Process
I am the product of the land I live on.
I engage with the physical and conceptual intersections of man and land. My work investigates movement, permaculture, water and spirituality, expressed through ecological installations and performance art.
Artwork Description
A movement conversation which engages with the palms as performers, as kin. This piece of anti-choreography emerged from reflecting on relating to land and the site of Palm Park at the river bend. I meditated on the reality that my physical being is now truly the progeny of the Northern Rivers. My cells have literally been entirely recycled with the constituents of my diet of local organic produce. Belonging. Birthed. The morning after I baptised myself in Boogarem Falls in the water fall. The Rivers veins are flushed of stagnant debris, energising the entire ecological system right through to me. The organism that is our bioregion is our flesh and mother. This brought me to 'Terra doula', brought me to see how we're engaged in a ceremony of life, supporting the ever-young Mt Chincogan to bear children. The origin of movement technology represented in this performance is concentrated in the work of Simon Thakur’s, Ancestral Movement. A movement philosophy honouring all movement cultures throughout history and all vertebrates in our chain of evolution. Visual signifiers of spinal spirals and playful rivers are recognised through contemporary dance and contact improvisation as languages within the practice.  A surprise performance, at various times, during the Festival.
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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