Ingenuity Maquette 2021 Header All Final'Prayerwheel' • Artist: Chris Kinzel • Ingenuity Festival 2019


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Five Doors
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Artwork Description
It is dimensions, weights and materials, roughly approximating a series of coloured freestanding doors, that emerge from the landscape and represent various states of reality and unreality based on the lesser know work of Edward Debonos cousiin Barry Debono "Five plus one door thinking". It was rated by the New York Tines as "an extraordinary step in into the unknown excesses of human unconscious behaviour". This work will be a departure from previous works as it will exist in flux within four dimensional spacetime ........ so people can actually see it. It is a work that uncompromisingly deals with and is communicated through only one human sense. At its most banal level it will stop traffic.
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