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Five Doors
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Iisticraziandthesaneman X is AN ARTIST collective made UP OF a dualist personality, versed in multi dimensional works covering the inner and outer realms of the 26 dimensions of spacetime within the multiverse. Ours is a perception, a viewpoint made manifest rather then just a mundane artistic expression. Our work is meant to illicit ambigious outrage playing in the realm at the back of the eyes. Our experience covers all scales from working with quark and instantons on an intimate and friendly basis to conversations with black holes, mind you what is talked about with black holes stays in the black hole. Skills - communicating across space and time - prophecy - making stuff up - nanoanarchy - quantumgategluoning - lots of other stuff as well Experience - Multimedia work "Talking with Albert" - Constructed a quantum gate in order to talk to Albert Einstein in the months before he arrived at his special theory of relatively. Was displayed at the Tate Modern in 2018 and strangely on the same site in 1912, but at the same time. - An imaginary piece "Bridge" that was not displayed anywhere or anytime but none the less was sighted (sited) briefly at the moment Cathy Freeman tried to light the cauldron at the Sydney Olympics. - Lots of other shit you wouldn't believe. I am sure there is lots of other things we could talk about, but it is difficult having a conversation with ourselves. We can clarify?
Artwork Description
It is dimensions, weights and materials, roughly approximating a series of coloured freestanding doors, that emerge from the landscape and represent various states of reality and unreality based on the lesser know work of Edward Debonos cousiin Barry Debono "Five plus one door thinking". It was rated by the New York Tines as "an extraordinary step in into the unknown excesses of human unconscious behaviour". This work will be a departure from previous works as it will exist in flux within four dimensional spacetime ........ so people can actually see it. It is a work that uncompromisingly deals with and is communicated through only one human sense. At its most banal level it will stop traffic.
Sale Price
All sales enquiries please call Suvira at 0402 125 922 or email Suvira McDonald
Sculpture Photography: John Walters
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