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Peter Neilson

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Peter Neilson
Peter Neilson

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Eagle Rock
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Eagle Rock is a rock and metal sculpture mounted upon a large basalt rock. Made from recycled metal and local bush rock this bird will stand app. 1.8 m tall (mounted) with a wing span of app. 2.4 m. Artist Statement - Eagle Rock In my work I seek to express the archetypal images of nature that we perceive in our daily life and instil these feelings into each piece. I love working with recycled metal and local bush rock, that proudly displays a patina, bought on by the timeless interplay between natural forces. My latest sculpture "Eagle Rock" is an inspiration drawn from looking out to the mountains and watching the wedge tail eagles soaring the updrafts then gliding down along the tree tops bordering our farm. This majestic eagle has been created as a symbol of freedom, strength and aspiration.
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