Ingenuity Sculpture Festival at the Mullum Sculpture Walk

Acquisitional Prize $5000

awarded to Jason Morning for his work Germination


There is a prize of $5000 to be awarded for a work of sufficient merit to be acquired by the festival. The donor of the Prize, who wishes to remain anonymous will make the selection.

All works made available by the artist will be considered.

The selection is beyond dispute or discussion.

 If the work selected is of robust material and suitable for long term installation on the Sculpture Walk it will be proposed to Byron Shire Council’s Public Art Panel, who may then recommend to Council that it be installed permanently. In the event it is not deemed suitable it will be offered to Byron Community College for installation in the courtyard.

 In the case of an ephemeral work being selected it may be left in situ for up to three months depending on the nature of the work.



Chop Logo CK 300 dpi

$500 Christina Khumari Peoples’ Choice Award

 Voting will be carried out during the festival for a Peoples’ Choice Award which will be announced at the completion of the Fest. Check in on site for how to vote.